Who we are

IMI is a global specialist engineering company that designs, manufactures and services highly engineered products. We continuously create value in our sectors through a focus on customer delight, market-led innovation and complexity reduction.
What sets us apart is immersing ourselves in our customers’ challenges to help them become safer, more sustainable and more productive. We combine our deep engineering knowledge with strong applications expertise to develop solutions that engineer a better world.

In the Life Science sector, our cutting-edge technical solutions combined with profound industry experience empower our customers to accelerate drug discovery and therapeutic research, diagnose disease earlier, and provide patient-focused critical care. These solutions include fluid control valves and detection solutions to make medical applications more efficient and reliable. Our critical components – electron multipliers, detectors, miniature valves, manifolds, high voltage power supplies and precision syringe pumps – are also used in the best analytical, diagnostic, biotechnology and bioprocessing instrumentation.

We are at the forefront of life sciences technology, working in close partnership with our customers to accelerate new treatments and vaccines, by streamlining their processes. We have made it possible for doctors and clinicians to test patient samples and receive results in minutes. Our products have also improved lab-based equipment, enhancing the quality of sample analysis and enabling higher volumes to be tested each day.

We are committed to pushing the limits of technology with our customers, developing even more innovative solutions that will improve and prolong the lives millions of people around the world.

Our values

We are attentive to the needs of our customers, our employees and the planet. We put their welfare and wellbeing ahead of all other priorities. We always do the right thing. We are one big team – we act as a team and look out for each other. We listen, we empathise, we understand and we act. We show we care in all we do.

On our path towards a better world, we are always questioning how things are and seeking solutions for how things could be. Our curiosity fuels our innovative drive. We strive to go beyond the obvious. We dare to ask ‘why not?’ and ‘what if?’ and are energised by our search for the answers.

By bringing the best of who we are, we make things better for others. We make space for change to happen. We find ways to simplify the complex. We seek out challenges and opportunities, and use our expertise to create valuable outcomes. We are ambitious and drive positive growth.