NORMMED Medical Devices

Who we are

Normmed is a production company that was established in 2011 to convert to production the experience of an entrepreneurial team in the medical sector since 1990. It is a Turkish company that makes its investment only through national capital.

Normmed realizes the production of implants that particularly require machining in the field of brain surgery and orthopaedics with goals to improve from year to year in the Ankara İvedik Organized Industrial Zone.

Normmed has proved by its exports it production capacity and quality with its visionary team of management and consultancy.

Normmed moves forward to become the real leader of its field by providing fast, timely, innovative and quality products by combining all parameters that are required in production thanks to its integrated factory structure.

Our values

We observe current laws and rules in line with the national and international norms.

We approach to and behave against our staff, project and business partners in line with the rules of ethics, justice, respect and courtesy.

We observe privacy and confidentiality of all of our stakeholders and don't share their confidential information with third persons and institutions. We observe the legal and professional requirements only after their approval.

We avoid actions preventing free competition and compete in technological areas by abiding to ethic values.

We promote our products by highlighting their difference and superior qualities not by discrediting the products of our competitors.

We support all national and international efforts to eliminate corruption and financial crime.

We trust in our employees, project and business partners and we expect them to trust us as well.

Reputation of our company and brand is a priority, we don't do anything to shake this reputation. We fight with all legal rights against the actions that damage our reputation.

We provide institutional commitments and observe our commitments while expecting our stakeholders to observe their commitments as well.

The words of persons who are authorized to state opinion and commit on behalf of our company are binding on us. We expect the same sensitivity from our counterparts.

We support non-governmental organizations that aim at professional development and solidarity, carry out education and charity services and serve to public interest.

Our company doesn't contribute to and support any political party and political candidates.

We undertake that we will carry out the sales of all our products without damaging human health in line with the current legal arrangements.