NorthEast Monitoring

Who we are

NorthEast Monitoring (NEMon), a medical device design and manufacturing company, produces high quality, rugged products addressing diagnostic, clinical and research needs in cardiology, respiratory and pulmonary applications. NEMon products include Holter monitors, OxyHolters, Event (loop) recorders (TTM, Bluetooth/cellular) and all the analysis software that goes with these products. Accurately capture, efficiently store and quickly analyze critical, high quality, patient data. Our software tools use powerful digital signal processing algorithms and an intuitive user interface. Medical staff can easily manipulate, display, store and quickly report on megabits of patient data.

NEMon, creator of "Holter for Windows", will exhibit ambulatory recording hardware and analysis software. Recorders include the DR180 Series Holter/OxyHolter recorder, the DR200 series Holter/Event (“Tel-a-heart”) recorders and the new DR300 Holter/Event via Bluetooth and cellular recorders. Analysis software is the new HE/LX (helix), LX Event and LX Sleep (for OSA). HE/LX (helix) Analysis software comes in several levels, tailored to our diverse users. It offers practitioners, scanning services and demanding cardiac research institutions, the fastest, most user-friendly environment to reduce megabits of data to critical reports. LX Event Software offers multiple data transmission methods, auto-detect events, auto-answer and multi-user options. LX Sleep is simply the most convenient, accurate way to diagnose OSA.

NEMon owns all this technology. Ask us a question, we give you an answer. We don’t call anyone else to find out how this stuff works! NEMon offers a 3-year warranty on recorders and software.

Our values

At NEMon, we are always "... advancing Holter technology..."

Our engineering team has been designing these types of products since the 1970's. What you see when you look at a NEMon system isn't some "johnny come lately" product designed by some smart guy fresh out of grad school, What you see is the evolutionary culmination of many years of design experience brought forward to the 21st century to provide the most sensible, logical, well thought out application of technology to a medical diagnostic solution. We don't present technology in search of a solution like many new products / companies in the market today. NEMon product development is driven by sensible, proven technology that drives better patient outcomes. That is most definitely NOT the same as many products on the market to day that are "gee-wiz" technology in search of a market!

Give NEMon a look. We think you'll like what you see. It is not often that the technology leader is also the price leader. Thoughtful, well-designed, credible products, great support, focused on patient outcomes. That's NEMon, where we're always, "...advancing Holter technology..."

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