Who we are


Stainless Steel Cage and Veterinary Equipment.

We are working to meet the needs of intensive care cages, board cages, wash tubs which are one of the biggest problems of our veterinarians.

Our company was established in 1998 and has been serving for industrial automation for many years and since 2013 we have started to provide services for veterinary equipment which is a big deficiency especially in our country.

After more than a year of R&D work, we have created the most suitable models and measures, all of our products are manufactured in precision CNC machines.

With our product range, engineering solutions and high quality standards, we believe that we will make significant contributions to our country's industry in veterinary equipment.

Our values

Stainless steel and veterinary equipment, since 2013

High Quality Products :

5 years R&D experience.

Guaranteed :

Stainless steel guaranteed for 10 years and products guaranteed for 2 years.

Secure :

Our products have been tested for security.

Useful :

Our cages can also be combined in different sizes.

Strong :

Our products are manufactured using stainless steel or aluminum.

Ergonomic :

Our cages are designed as modular.