Nuova SB System Srl

Who we are

Nuova Sb System Srl was born from an entrepreneurial idea and actually is the Italian leader in the provision of the unique full-service solutions for the elimination of contamination in air,water environment and fluids in general ,offering treatment ,disinfection ,purification ,and filtration of water . ,

We provide absolute sterile antibacterial absolute filters at point of use, which are characterized by CE mark class IIB.

Nuova SbSystem provides also innovation systems meant for security and efficiency in the treatment of cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Our endoscope washer-disinfection prevents the regeneration of bacterial and transmission of infections.

They are characterized by CE mark as class IIB designed and manufactured in compliance with the UNI EN ISO Standarts 15883-1/-4/-5 and UNI ISO 14937:2009

Our values

Our values are based in :

ENERGY -Capture Opportunities and make things happen

EXCITEMENT -Respect and Trust to create Excitement

EXELLENCE-Do things better than olny one else in our profile industry

Our MISSION:Improving the quality of life by improving the quality of services,products and workplace