Nuprom Health Projects

Who we are

NUPROM is a turn-key medical solution company that has been operating in Izmir/Turkey since 2019.

NUPROM is manufacturer and supplier of the products shown in the MedicalExpo.

Eventhough the company establishment is quite new, the team has experience over many years in sales, marketing and technical service.

With our experince over 10 years in the health sector, we've have succedded to raise our position in the global market.

Our project department is able to provide solutions for full package of hospital rooms and operation room. With this service we aim to establish single channel between our company and our valuable clients. Afterward our relation becomes into partnership in the long term as we become single-point contact for our partners.

Our values

We define our values as following below principles;


We do not try to compete with our competitors as our unique service enables us to be in the top level automatically. And we always tell our clients the actual information they need about our products and service.


NUPROM is acting as turn-key medical solution company which needs intense work and effort, and we always look out for beneficiary of our team and business partners. In this regard, we give them what they deserve because this will effect positively the work we provide to our clients. In this case we are not price oriented company, but we always be fair to our clients considering the global market competition and their financial budgets.


First principle we apply while communicating with our clients is transparency. Our clients deserve to know who we are, what we do and how we do.


Besides our products catalogue, while working on a project we match the most suitable and quality product for hospitals in terms of their need.


We always follow the rules of law and do the work flow in the most right way. Every member of NUPROM team is trained to approach ethically not only our clients but our business partners too.