Oasys Healthcare

Who we are

OASYS Healthcare is a leading supplier of medical Spring Arms, Mounting Solutions and Monitor yokes for the Medical Industry and OEM community.

We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our customers and deliver customized solutions that suit our client's individual requirements.

Our product portfolio includes Spring arms, Mobile Floor stands, Central Axis, Monitor Yokes, Complete Ultra light duty, Light duty and medium duty Systems. Our sales and technical teams have extensive experience in the medical, manufacturing and OEM environment.

We are specially equipped to tackle the business and technical challenges being faced in today's healthcare facilities. Our engineering team is dedicated to producing superior quality products for our customers. By applying state-of-the-art design and quality control techniques, and utilizing technologies from a broad range of industries, our engineering team can create custom solutions that will meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. Our employees are dedicated to creating products that will not only meet customer needs but also maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and undergo continuous improvement.

Our values

We pride ourselves on our committment to quality and customer service.

Our products undergo rigorous testing, surpassing the standards by a minimum of 2 times that of any other spring arm in the market. Additionally showing that we offer the most durable, highest quality, and longest-lasting products available. As a result, we rest easy at night, knowing our customers receive the expected quality products they deserve.

Understanding the importance of cultivating strong relationships with our customers, our customer support and sales teams work tirelessly to meet our customers’ unique and specific needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition, and we consistently strive to uphold this standard.