Oostwoud International

Who we are

Oostwoud International B.V. is part of Oostwoud Groep B.V.
This Group is a subsidiary of ORBO B.V.
Until 1993, the organisation consisted of a production organisation in Franeker: Oostwoud Fabrieken B.V. and a commercial organisation in Veenendaal: Oostwoud International B.V.
In the period of reorganisation in 1992 to 1994, this organisational structure was changed into a single organisational model for Oostwoud International B.V. in Franeker.

Oostwoud (2006) is a commercial organisation that markets, develops and produces high-quality products.
The commercial structure is divided into different product-market combinations (PMCs).
The organisation has been developed internally around each of the PMCs.
The typical PMCs are:

Medical Furniture

Wardrobe and Interior Products


Our values

In addition to these PMCs, the Technical Service department and the work for third parties (contracted work) are commercially active.
The Technical Service Department is at the service of the various PMCs, but is directly responsible for the subsequent delivery of the service parts.

The Oostwoud Group mainly has its markets in the Netherlands. Oostwoud International operates in the Netherlands in various PMCs. Belgium is processed by Oostwoud België N.V.