Who we are

Taiyo Corporation started as a trading company in 1981, supplying medical equipment made by Canon Medical Systems (formerly Toshiba) to the Middle East and Northern Africa. As such, we have considerable track record in exporting diagnostic imaging systems such as CT scanners, MRI, ultrasound and X-ray machines. Today, we also manufacture our very own product, the one of a kind OPELAⅢ Wearable Surgical Lighting System, which we aim to promote worldwide for the betterment of surgical performances.

OPELAⅢ revolutionizes the concept of surgical light by bringing together the powerful illumination of OR light and the mobility of headlight in order to enhance visibility, comfort and safety for both surgeons and patients. Its novel technology and unique features provide many advantages such as:
・High intensity light – 3 LEDs with output of 145,000 lux
・Patented heat management allows it to be powerful yet safe
・Innovative optical design reaches into deep cavity areas
・Proprietary technology minimizes shadows from forming
・Gentle to the eyes – fading contour of light reduces eye fatigue
・Tilt feature with lever handle reduces neck strain

There are many rave reviews of OPELAⅢ from surgeons in various disciplines including Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Hepatobiliary Pancreatic, Plastic, Urology, Colorectal, Emergency Critical Care and Trauma among others. In Cardiovascular Surgery, it is especially effective in enhancing visibility by illuminating the notoriously deep and narrow surgical field during mitral valve repair procedure.

Our values

OPELAⅢ was our answer to doctors who have expressed that they want a lighting system that makes it easier for them to see affected areas. In pursuit of a wearable surgical lighting system that provides clear visibility, easy movement, safety and comfort, one of Japan’s leading surgical light specialists and a renowned product designer have collaborated in the development of an innovative lighting system.

OPELAⅢ will address the concerns of the most discerning surgeons. It will change the way surgery is performed.

OPELAⅢ Wearable Surgical Lighting System ー Not just a shadowless light... Not just a headlight... This is the next generation medical light!