Who we are

Guangdong OptoMedic Technologies Inc. is a high-tech company committed to providing high-performance medical devices and services utilizing cutting-edge optical and bio-optical technologies in the medical field.

OptoMedic has set up subsidiaries and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Changsha and other places, and has established stable cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Institute of biomedical engineering technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, School of pharmacy, Peking University, School of medicine, Sun Yat sen University and many key top three hospitals in China.

Our values

OptoMedic was founded in July 2013 by a coalition of multidisciplinary experts in medical, biomedical, engineering, quality assurance as well as regulatory affairs. Dedicated to technological innovations, we provide our customers with an array of high-end medical devices, among which the intraoperative endoscopic fluorescence navigation system has become a global leader and been widely used across many departments in general surgery.

Our presence around the world