Who we are

The quality of the ORTHOS XXI products can be confirmed in the best hospitals and institutions, where they have chosen us. Most of our products are class I medical devices and bear the CE mark, according to the Community Directives 93/42 / CEE and 2007/47 / CE and are registered in the competent Authority, Infarmed. They are tested by accredited and independent entities, such as the IBV (Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia, in Spain). The company is also certified according to the EN ISO 9001 standard.
The value and qualification of human resources through the implementation of activity is training and updating in different areas have been strong bets of our company. ORTHOS XXI’s main concern is the continuous improvement of production processes and services, as well as the improvement of the quality of its products, which allows us to better meet the needs and requirements of customers and users.
Orthos XXI originated from Conrado Dias Lda., a company founded in 1975 in Porto, Portugal.
In 1985, with great support from the owners Mr. Dias and Mrs. Marília, that the Mr. Ribeiro and Mrs. Zilda, decide to give continuity to the business of production and commercialization of walking aids, with the name of Ortomaia, thus concretizing an old aspiration of the Sñr. Ribeiro owning a business. This new company has the assiduous collaboration of Manuel and Luisa and with the timely help of their other children, thus naturally involving the whole family in the process. The bases that make up the current dynamic of Orthos XXI were launched, based on values of affection and proximity among all generations of collaborators.
Together with the production activity, the distribution of products from national and international companies of great importance in the Sector is included in its portfolio.
In 1989, a wheelchair production unit was acquired and integrated, giving rise to two independent and distinct production units, but with joint commercialization.
In 1996 it was necessary to expand, integrate and fully optimize the business, so it was built in Guimarães, a new warehouse with twice the area to accommodate all the aspects of the business. With a view to the expansion and evolution of the activity, in 2007 Several decisive steps are taken:
A process of professionalization of management begins by separating the shareholder structure from the management structure, thus formally creating Orthos XXI.
A production unit for Geriatric and Hospital beds was installed and the facilities for the double were expanded again.
Direct participation in the Spanish market began, creating a commercial structure, OrthosMaia XXI, in Spain.
They initiate and develop several commercial actions to expand and develop new markets and new businesses.
In 2012, a consolidation and product development department was created, which, together with the continuous improvement of the Organization, has allowed the product range to be substantially expanded.
In 2017/18 Orthos XXI, reformulates its marketing and commercial strategy, organizing its product portfolio in ten brands.
We have a base with a productive DNA that allows us to continue production in Europe and a brand-oriented trade strategy to be able to face the competition of multinationals and Asian importers.

Our values

We are driven by the conviction that, with our work, we contribute daily to improve the quality of life and to satisfy the needs of the users of our products and services. We prioritize an attitude of teamwork,flexibility and continuous improvement. We consider fundamental a constant investment in innovation and development of the products, currently counting on a team dedicated exclusively to this purpose.
These values support the presentation, in this new catalog, of some of the most recently developed novelties and, at the same time, to respond to the personalized needs of the users.