Ortolog Medikal

Who we are


Ortolog Medical is a Turkish headquartered company with its Corporate, R&D and Manufacturing operations located at Ankara. The company is established by more than 20 years of experience at the beginning of 2017 and operate with a number of 20 employees.

Our core business is to work in the field of Orthopaedics, Cardiovascular Surgery and Spinal Surgery.


Ortholox Polymer (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Cerclage Band System

The studies of the Ortholox Polymer (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Cerclage Band System in Turkey started in the middle of 2015 and the design and patent appeal was made at the same year, the product has begun to be used in the Turkish Market at the beginning of 2016.

The company realises the sales of Ortholox UHMWPE Cerclage Band Systems to 80 vendors throughout Turkey. International sales started at mid-2017 and marketing and promotion activities of the company are still on progress.

Ortholox UHMWPE Cerclage Band System

· for orthopaedic trauma surgery

· consist of UHMWP band & titanium locking domino

· its low profile construction allows on-plate applications.

Ortholox UHMWPE Spine Dual Band System (with titanium rod clamp)

· for idiopathic, neuromuscular, adult scoliosis

· for spinal degenerative & fusion surgery

· for kyphosis & spondylolisthesis

· consist of UHMWP Band & Titanium Tulip

Ortholox UHMWPE Sternum Closure System

· fast and stable sternum closure

· consist of UHMWP Band & Titanium locking domino

· on contrary to metal cable; prevents tissue damage and resolves the risk of surgical glove puncture

· MRI compatibility

Our values

Our principles are to develop and design our own products that are beneficial to human health and that will enable our patients to return to their social and economic life without pain in a short period of time, respecting bone and soft tissue and following newest technology.

In line with these principles;

• In every decision we take, we know that we are responsible to our stakeholders who are our patients, their families, healthcare professionals and reimbursement institutions, and therefore we will respect the general ethics and legal laws in our community and the countries where our products are used.

• We provide opportunities for our business partners to ensure fair profit by supplying our products, which are above accepted standards and continuously controlled at cost.

• We give our employees the opportunity to work in a healthy environment by assigning tasks in line with their knowledge and experience. We give our employees the right to speak, we listen to them and emphasize the importance of gender equality in our offices. We ensure that the employees and their families feel good and safe and thus, we, along with our employees, develop, produce and market products that follow technology with the minimal invasive designs for tissues.

• We respect the right to life of all living beings in the society and the world in which we live, and show sensitivity to the protection of the environment and natural resources, recycling and education.

We don’t manufacture products that we won't use for ourselves and our family.


Ortolog is a company that adds value to health by quality products, its own designs and easy to use instruments and respects people, nature and laws.


To be a global company that produces creative solutions with its stakeholders and makes a difference with its own designed products by following the technology while targeting a pioneering role in bone and soft tissue fixation for future.

Our presence around the world