OÜ InterVacTechnology

Who we are

The InterVacTechnology manufacturing facility was established in 2011 in Narva, Estonia. The rooms at the factory have been designed specifically for manufacturing the blood collection systems and plastic products for medicinal purposes.

The manufacturing process takes place in clean rooms of class 100,000 under GMP. There are five laboratories at the factory for preparing materials and checking the quality of technical, chemical, and microbiological properties of products as well as the manufacturing environment.

Through the internal and external values of the company, we are trying to become the leaders in the field of production and delivery of blood collection systems and plastic items for medical purposes all over the world.

We manufacture products and work with trusted partners to create joint OEM products so that our customers can be sure in the quality of our products.

Our values

We produce and offer the products of the highest quality, which facilitate and accelerate the work of doctors and their assistants, make patients feel themselves more comfortable, and provide the utmost accuracy of analyses. Our products generate positive emotions and a high level of trust.

We are aiming at building up partnership relations with our customers and distributors all over the world, and also at following the latest trends in the field of medicine and laboratory diagnostics in order to bring our products to perfection. Our partners may rest assured that the solutions we are offering are the most up-to-date and the best ones in the field, which are perfectly suitable for application.

Our presence around the world