OXYHELP Industry

Who we are

Concentrate your attention on your breathing, there is something miraculous in every breath we take.

OxyHelp Industry GmbH is a certified HBOT devicemanufacturer dedicated to champion the technology and health benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and bridge theory with practice in the design and manufacturing of specialized HBOT mild chambers for medical use and the general public.

We have become one of the most prestigious companies in Germany that deliver and install digitally controlled pressurized chambers for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy all around the world.

We took our time to research the available technology to update it to our engineering standards – simple and safe to use for expert personnel and self-treating patients, highly functional, digitally operated, innovative in regards to materials and medical protocols, durable and easily serviceable in terms of maintenance and warranty.

We took the OxyHelp mission one step further and enriched our know-how with extensive research and documentation in the theoretical aspects of HBOT to actually bring innovation in the field, like digitally controlled operation systems or highly efficient ventilation for safety and comfort.

We have sourced the best providers of materials and auxiliary technology to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of this amazing line of medical and non medical equipment – the monoplace and multi-place HBOT low-pressure chambers.

Our values

We installed more than 300 hyperbaric chambers worldwide

Can you envision a world in which optimal health is not the exception,
but the normal?

Imagine a world in which the quality of life improves with old age, a world in which health care is available and effective for everyone, with no exception for social status, occupation, color of skin, religion. We know it’s better to prevent than to cure, but what if we could cure all mankind’s health problems, would that really be science fiction? We are OxyHelp, a company dedicated to champion the benefits of oxygen and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as complementary treatment for multiple medical, sports performance and wellness objectives.