PakuMed Medical Products

Who we are

Medical technology can be directed towards an indication or to everyone concerned. We orientate ourselves accordingly. Naturally, the main focus is on the patient, especially where port catheters are concerned. Port systems are intended for long-term use, usually over weeks or even years. A patient must not only live with an illness, but also with the port.

Therefore biocompatibility and wearing comfort are of prime importance. Also a robustness that ensures, as far as possible, that one only needs to operate once.

Doctors require a wide range which are easy to implant, and the port must ultimately be light and safe for the patient. For example, thanks to a durable silicone membrane, ports can withstand numerous punctures. Additionally, there are also our special SFN® port needles that function without hooks or eyelets. Non-coring!

All this, and more, is what we are standing for since the formation of our company. PakuMed was founded by surgeons, our products are solutions. Ideas that ought to be self-evident but that only we offer. Also, because we have built and extended our connections with universities, research institutes and users – and of course, to buyers as well. Our solutions are cost-effective.

From our headquarters in Essen, we deliver worldwide.

We are certified to DIN EN ISO 13485, Appendix II.3, II.4 and V of the guideline 93/42/ EWG

Our values

Our company's motto:

There is nothing that can move you, you yourself are the wheel.

Angelus Silesius (1624-1677), doctor, priest and poet