PAT Group

Who we are

PAT is a Multidisciplinary Group created with the purpose of achieving Business Synergy, providing solutions in each step of the manufacturing process, a characteristic that distinguishes us globally. Born more than 30 years ago with the foundation of COMASA conceived for the manufacture of equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Food and Cosmetics industry, the Group started a path of evolution over the years. At the beginning of the year 2010, we created WYNKA and ECOVIDA into our portfolio of products and services, consolidating its unique worldwide format with presence on five continents.

Our Brands

COMASA: We design and build productive process machineries in solid, liquid and semi-solid lines as well as equipment for research and development.

ECOVIDA: We provide services and integrate machines and process, according to customer and product needs. We close the circle between EQUIPMENT DESIGN, PRODUCTION PROCESS and PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY

WYNKA: We design and build machinery of high precision and quality for powders compression, as well as complementary equipment of process.

TABTOOLING: We are pleased to announce the partnership between TAB TOOLING and PAT Group as a strategic partner, which allows us to expand and explore new market opportunities. We manufacture high quality tooling for tablet press machines.

Our values


The "turnkey" concept has been one of the great motivations that lead the Group's growth and development, due of the fact that it brings together the activity and the know-how of the three companies of the group, in order to offer our customers an integral solution according to your needs.

Business Synergy
“The whole is more than the sum of its parts". The joint work of the companies produces a greater effect than the sum of its effects in isolation. Under this precept, we work together to provide our customers with efficient and dynamic solutions.

Multidisciplinary Group

Integrating Equipments and Services, PAT Group is a multidisciplinary group, backed by the contribution of the professionals that comprise it.

Our presence around the world