Pegasus Medical Concepts

Who we are

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc. is an international manufacturer and distributor of material handling/supply chain management equipment and systems to Acute Care facilities. Our approach is consultative – working closely with end-users to develop the most efficient and cost-effective means of managing supplies and the replenishment process. This service includes PAR analysis, ACAD floor plan layout, installation, and many other value-added services such as site visits and product trial.

Our products include our high-density basket storage system, KanBan Inventory software for open-architecture supply management, SmartCAB electronic cabinets for chargeable items, Our partners have found the results to be tremendous from the standpoint of nursing to the CFO level due to the increased organization and subsequent PAR reductions that directly result from our service.

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc offers a complete material handling/supply management product and service offering including the following:

* pen architecture storage

* Open architecture High-Density Basket Storage

* Mobile Aisle Storage Systems

* High-Density Casework

* High-Density Stainless Cabinets for OR/ED/SPD departments.

* High-Density Mobile Carts

* KanBan (2-Bin) supply management software

Our values

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc offers a complete service as well. This is the means by which we are able to properly apply products lending to efficient results in workflow, space management, and PAR management. Those services include:

On site consultative approach

Pegasus Medical Concepts, Inc works closely with end-users to develop effective solutions.

ACAD renderings

Available at no charge.


Insuring the final result matches the vision. Charges may apply for this service. Those charges are based upon overall scope of project.

Partner Site Visits

The ability to view existing systems currently in use.

Our presence around the world