Who we are

When we design furniture for some of the most difficult environments imaginable, the first thing we do is listen. Listen to our customers’ unique challenges, their day to day needs and above all, who they need to look after.

Listening is the first step of the ‘Pineapple Process’, helping us to find furniture that precisely solves the problem. If we don’t have something suitable, we create it. Innovative solutions, technical expertise and thoughtful design, we take pride in creating furniture that’s exactly fit for purpose.

Our customers get mindfully designed furniture that works effortlessly and looks great. But much more than that, they can go to work knowing they’ve done everything they can to create a calm environment.

Our values

Listen - We listen more widely and more deeply to our customers’ unique set of challenges; they might be safety concerns, maintenance issues or limited space. With forty years of experience under our belts, we’re good at listening and know the right questions to ask.

Understand - Drawing on the expertise of our Global Advisory Board and our knowledge of best practice, we identify solutions that fit each brief. Then we define exactly what your furniture needs to deliver purpose for your environment, taking physical, functional and emotional needs into account.

Match - Now we understand your environment and precise needs, we can match you with the right products that will solve them. With hundreds of ranges to choose from, there is usually a solution that fits but if there isn’t, we’ll work with you to create one.

Deliver - We deliver mindfully designed furniture that is exactly fit for purpose. We continue to learn from each new project, building the knowledge we gain into our new and existing product ranges to make them safer than ever.