Who we are

PMB-ALCEN has been designing and developing a cutting-edge automated system for the production of radiotracers. These are essential in clinical medicine, especially in PET imaging. It combines a superconducting cyclotron with an innovative radiochemistry room, complete with an automated QC system.

iMiGiNE is more that just another radiopharmaceutical dispenser.  We have envisioned a unique system designed to improve and optimize patient care, while providing new grounds for further research in the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging fields. 

We offer an alternative to traditional radiotracer production centers, by providing an unprecedented proximity to both patients and imaging departments, allowing a same-day diagnosis with multiple radiotracers and decreasing the need in staff. iMiGiNE is a game-changing solution which grants imaging centers access to a variety of radiopharmaceuticals, at a low cost. 

Our values

PMB is a human-sized company based in France, with a long-standing expertise in brazing dissimilar materials and specialized in the design and manufacture of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies (RF and beamline components, components for X-ray tubes, ceramic-metal assemblies…), as well as particles accelerators and high-technology systems (electron and X-ray linacs, cyclotrons, medical systems).