Who we are

We are an innovative vet solutions company that is steadily growing and expanding in the veterinarian sector and human market.

All our products have been developed in order to help you make quick and safe, high-quality X-rays. Every piece of equipment has been designed, built and tested by us, based on experience, earned during 25 years of working professionally with horses. All made in the Netherlands.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials, built to last for decades. Podoblock supplies accessories for every X-ray system on the market, both for standard and specially tailor-made configurations.

We supply our products through a network of distributors or, if needed, directly to you. Through solid connections with our distributors and vets around the world, we built a network for coming up with the best ideas and the latest problems to solve.

Our values

Our values lie in the foundation of our company. ‘Being the no-nonsense company that we always have been, we continue to take pride in knowing our customers personally and use short communication lines.

‘ Impossible’ is an adjective that we abhor and we will release all our intellectual and critical faculties in order to solve any problem you run into. When you contact us you will talk to one of us, and no one else, and you will deem us honest, trustworthy and reliable.

Our presence around the world