Polytex Technologies

Who we are


Established in 2003, Polytex Technologies is a leading solution provider of workwear management solutions.

> Technology

We deliver full service, automated workwear management solutions to hospitals, healthcare institutions and industry.

> Experience

Over two decades of field proven experience in delivery of industrial and commercial laundry services.

> Customers

Polytex has over 4,000 installed machines located in 20 countries based in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Our values

When you partner with Polytex you gain access to the latest technology and two decades of industry expertise

> Trusted Solution Provider

Polytex is a reputable and trusted global solution provider in workwear management solutions.

> Industry Expertise

Polytex brings over two decades of expert know-how in the workwear management industry.

> Technology Leadership

Polytex is leading the way in driving digital transformation across the workwear management industry.

> Global Reach, Local Presence

Every Polytex project is supported by local support staff and technology specialists.

> Flexible and Scalable Offering

Polytex Total-Care offers the widest range of solutions suitable for any volume of workwear usage.

> Partnership Approach

Polytex seeks to create win-win situations based on close working relationships with our customers and partners