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We aim to create true Value for customers who research challenging issues in the advanced life science.
We provide better solutions to satisfy out customer needs and contribute to the progress and improvement of society with our prime technology and customer support.

Our Mission with iPRECIO® Product Portfolio: (available throughout the world)

Make it as easy as possible to evaluate efficacy of molecules/agents in different animal models and species.

Make the results as relevant as possible to the clinic. (Exposure profile, quantitative pharmacology, untethered free moving (stress free, group housing (socialization), ..…)

The use of iPRECIO® programmable minipumps will have a positive impact on experimental conditions and the relevance of results achieved. Initial costs maybe higher but in the long run the use of the pump could be cost saving in the context of the whole compound development.

Unleashing Programmable & Targeted Drug Delivery with iPRECIO minipumps. They are  the only programmable refillable and implantable drug delivery devices on the market. Easily program your required Pharmacokinetics (PK)

What researchers are saying :

Ease of programming: “I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to program, fill, and implant the pumps.”
Programmable & implantable pump : "This device enables implementation of infusion protocols to reliably and precisely achieve the desired exposure profiles (shapes and timing) with low degree of invasiveness."

We are a manufacturer and distributor of high technology lifescience research equipments throughout Japan for more than 30 years. We have technically advanced staffs, and an intimate knowledge of the Japanese marketplace allow it to assist companies in penetrating the Japanese market.

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