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We always follow new approaches and develop advanced methods to accommodate our products with the top notch technologies of the field in order to guarantee the satisfaction and approval of surgeons. Therefore, research and development are major factors in our dynamic organization which requires our involvement in interdisciplinary studies. We also conducted meticulous researches to improve our products based on multiple experiences of attending surgical operations.

Our mission

Providing top notch detailed oriented products which contribute to the success of surgical operations and proved to be satisfactory to surgeons along with its effect on reducing the healing time of patients. We guarantee the continuity of the excellence of our products through working with a dynamic and experienced engineering team to satisfy the need of high-quality products and fast supply in the sector.

Our vision

We aim to provide our service to the worldwide medical sector and gain an international recognition of PRODORTH brand as one of the major surgical suppliers with the determination to enlarge our product line to accommodate the ever-rising need of the medical sector.

RD Medical Inc.

Our values

Customer Satisfaction

RD MEDICAL is a company founded by mechanical and materials engineers who are experienced at design and manufacturing fields. Company serves as an OEM and takes part within biomedical industry in a short time by its innovator and high quality products. With the patented products those are designed, manufactured and developed in its own organization, PRODORTH products are always appreciated by well-known surgeons.

Knowledge is everything.

RD MEDICAL is always following new technologies and ideas, also receiving feed-backs from surgeons, hereby develops the products with a approach of the simplest procedures.

We respect the R&D studies and appreciate its value. In this way we offer many patent pending products.

We always see the great results of integrating advanced scientific methods and clinically driven ideas to guarantee better health recovery experience.

“Customer Satisfaction” is not just a catch phrase for us as we aim at maintaining long term relationships with our customers. Therefore, we are highly aware that we have to provide our clients with perfect after-sale service. In our opinion high quality should not be a privilege, but rather a standard in medical industry, hence we are always keen on following up the latest technologies and keep on investing in our technical staff in order to keep the level of our products’ quality intact.

RD Medical Inc

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