Progetti S.r.l.

Who we are

Considered a company of excellence, the Progetti was born in Milan - Italy in 1991 from the will of the manager Cesare Mangone, chemist and international expert in Management in the medical sector; the company immediately wanted to breathe an international air, influenced by its founder currently president of the group, organizes a network of distributors all over the world with the aim of exporting its made in Italy. Today Progetti has its headquarters on the outskirts of Turin; it is among the main companies in the world to develop and produce defibrillators and an international company among the major players in the medical sector.

Our values

Companies can create products for themselves.
Progetti in each of its products wants to give a solution, create tools that can save lives and be at the side of health workers, becoming their partners in difficult moments to improve their work. From development to marketing, our products try to meet the needs of users, because we believe in the customer and believe in what we do.
We may limit ourselves to making products, we are committed to giving more, we create solutions.

Our presence around the world