Progetti S.r.l.

Who we are

After more than 30 years of experience in the international markets, Progetti Medical is considered an Italian
excellence medical manufacturer. Our mission is to develop medical equipment solutions with high-end
technological contents destinated to emergency and intensive care We are well known in Italy and worldwide
as a leading manufacturer of defibrillators.
Our presence has grown significantly in the international markets, nowadays we are present in more than
80 countries and we are appreciated by professionals and others. The new line of external automated
defibrillators has opened new market segments and opportunities and has contributed to saving more
lives every year.
The professional hospital market segment is still the main among the activities in Progetti Medical. During the
latest years, even to contrast Covid-19 pandemic we have intensified the efforts in research
and development and our activities, supplying medical devices for the intensive treatment of critical patients,
such as patient monitors, pulmonary ventilators, and infusion devices.
Our strengths have been the presence in the most significant international events, attention and adjustment
to different market conditions, client's and dealer's fidelity and even the physical presence in the main target
markets. Along with the same intensity and attention, we will continue the operations in the coming

Our values

Companies can create products for themselves.
Progetti in each of its products wants to give a solution, create tools that can save lives and be at the side of health workers, becoming their partners in difficult moments to improve their work. From development to marketing, our products try to meet the needs of users, because we believe in the customer and believe in what we do.
We may limit ourselves to making products, we are committed to giving more, we create solutions.

Our presence around the world