Who we are

PROHS is a company specialized in developing and manufacturing hospital and laboratory equipment in the area of ​​disinfection and sterilization.

Covering all the needs of a sterilization central, PROHS stands out for its ability to design, produce and install Central Sterile Services Departments adapted to the needs and requirements of each Hospital or Clinic.

In the laboratory area, the company accompanies and advises the customer from an embryonic stage to develop a tailored solution reaching the sterilization and disinfection needs of each project.

The constant investment in R&D and the partnerships with developing departments of some leading universities in Portugal, allow PROHS to keep its products up-to-date and competitive, assuring that our equipment stay modern, efficient, and capable of adjusting to the demanding needs of the medical and laboratory sector.

All these key factors, plus a rigorous product certification, allow PROHS to be an international reference on the market, with products installed in more than 50 countries, with presence in the 5 continents.

Our values

PROHS follows a Vision, Mission and Values widely shared by all employees, to ensure the consistency that leads PROHS to a sustainable path of growth.

Our vision is to enhance and optimize the standards of disinfection and sterilization.

The mission of PROHS is to be a global reference in disinfection and sterilization field, providing its customers unique solutions that meet their needs in the most efficient and sustainable way, therefore PROHS strongly rely on Quality, Safety and Innovation.

To be relentless in the pursuit of our objectives by acting with honesty and accuracy, so we always deserve the trust of our customers, employees and suppliers;

Meet and anticipate customer’s needs, promoting their satisfaction and loyalty through customized solutions;

High quality products and solutions complying with the most stringent safety standards, adding value to each of our clients, based on our technological capabilities and partnerships with the academic field;

Invest constantly in the training of our employees, enhancing their personal and professional promotion, thus ensuring the future success of the company.