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Pronk Technologies

Who we are

Pronk Technologies was founded in 2004 and is located in Sun Valley, California, USA. The founders include the former Director of Engineering, the former Director of Technical Services, and the former Director of Quality Assurance at a well-known vital signs monitor and patient simulator manufacturer. We have a combined 40 years of experience in designing, producing, and supporting vital signs monitors and patient simulators. Our expertise features NIBP algorithm design, including a patented algorithm that has been installed in tens of thousands of units, used in hospitals worldwide. Additionally, our expertise extends to design and development of wireless products. 

We differentiate ourselves in a number of areas. First, we focus on product areas where engineering innovation can revolutionize the biomed work experience. Pronk focuses on providing exactly what biomeds want in a small, ruggedized package. Second, we keep our products affordable so that any biomed, whether part of a large organization or running his/her own business, can have their own set of equipment. Third, we are committed to high-quality production that results in an extremely low rate of repairs and a high rate of repeat customers.

Our values

One of our core values is consistently partnering with our customers throughout the product concept phase, the R&D process and field test evaluations of our products before going to market. Identifying what is most important to biomeds is our key to success. Creative product design and innovating the smallest test equipment that can pack a punch in terms of features and durability are our cornerstone. We are the only company that designs products durable enough to withstand drop testing from 3 feet onto a hard surface 50 times.