PWB Health

Who we are

Breastlight is an MHRA Class 1 Medical device which has been designed for home-use as part of the breast self examination routine. By shining a powerful and yet completely harmless red light, Breastlight illuminates the breast giving it a translucent effect allowing the user to see the blood flow being pumped through the vests. If there are any abnormalities they will be shown as a dark cluster and all abnormalities should then be investigated by a medical professional for diagnosis.

Breastlight has not been designed to replace the Breast Self-Examination routine; rather to enhance it. Breastlight was manufactured with the belief that every woman should have access to whatever tools may benefit them in the search for breast abnormalities.

Our values

As a business we are committed to breast awareness. Regardless of whether women buy our product or not we hope that by getting them to at least consider their breast health, our work can be classed as a success.