PZ Cormay

Who we are

PZ CORMAY is a manufacturer of high quality diagnostic reagents and distributor of the highest quality laboratory equipment. For more than 30 years, we have been also designing, manufacturing and distributing a broader range of products for clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation and specific proteins.
PZ CORMAY obtained ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certification in 1998. All of CORMAY's products are CE marked and ISO 13485 certified.

CORMAY kits are exported to more than 100 countries all around the world. The company sells its products with the help of authorised distributors in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. CORMAY's sells also through very successful subsidiaries in Russia, called CORMAY RUSSLAND and Belarus, called CORMAY DIANA.
We deliverer ready made goods, bulks and OEM versions.

The mission of PZ CORMAY is to focus on assuring their clients the best possible satisfaction from the use of their products.

Our values

We use the truth hidden in a single drop of blood to improve the quality of life and health across the globe.

Our actions uncover the past and reveal the future. We help to understand the known and discover the unknown.
Cormay takes pride in its innovativeness, competitiveness and responsibility.