PZ Cormay S.A.

Who we are

CORMAY DIAGNOSTICS makes affordable to small and mid-size clinical laboratories all over the world the cutting-edge technology and performance demanded by large clinical laboratories.

Combining the 35-years experienced manufacturer of reagents, CORMAY with the outstanding technology knowledge of Swiss hematology company, ORPHEE, we work together every day to build the IVD brand that can be trusted.

Your trust is in the core of everything we do.

We act in over 120 countries and connect distributors all over the world with world class technology & performance for small & medium size clinical laboratories. With more than 20 000 sold analyzers we create a competetive edge in ivd market.


We are constantly developing innovative In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions to accurately uncover the truth hidden in a single drop of blood. Our actions help to understand the known and discover the unknown, leading to the earliest detection, treatment and monitoring of the health of patients all over the world.

Our cutting-edge In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions provide the lifeline that connects doctors and clinicians to their patients to deliver a positive health outcome.

Our values


We manufacture products that deliver tests results you can trust.


We supply high-quality in-vitro diagnostic solutions all over the world.


We comply with the legal requirements.


We care about productivity to provide our customers with competitive products.


We want to meet our customers' expectations.

Our presence around the world