QIAGEN Lake Constance

Who we are

QIAGEN Lake Constance is a center of excellence for optical detection and point-of-need instrumentation. We focus on the development and production of portable instruments for the on-site testing. Our easy to use OEM products enable our customers to develop their final product, either lateral flow or nucleic acid based (isothermal) assays, in many different applications, from human diagnostics, food and feed safety testing, veterinary analysis to process monitoring and brand security.

With our interdisciplinary team of experts, we can offer you a broad range of expertise and solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs. Here are just some of the disciplines you can find in our team:
• Software and hardware engineering
• Rapid prototyping
• Physics (optics)
• Microsystems technology
• Chemistry (fluorescence probes)
• Biology (immunochemistry and immunoassay chemistry)

Our values

Our vision is to improve quality of life by being the leading system provider for decentralized Life Sciences and In Vitro Diagnostics testing.

Our company offers a broad portfolio of products and services such as:
•OEM instrument supply (find out more under www.lateralflowreader.com)
•Engineering services
•Optical components
•Open aLF Reader platform (find out more under www.alf-reader.com)