Quanta System

Who we are

Quanta System is a 100% Italian company that offers on the global market innovative laser systems for Surgery, Aesthetics and Art Conservation since 1985.

Our main purpose is to increase our positive impact on the world through more than 30.000 installed lasers in 150 countries.

As a laser technology company we innovate to improve life quality of people with one consistent belief: creating new perspectives for future generations by evolving with our most inner attitudes.

Cause there is always a way to make life better.

And this way finds its answers in our daily actions.

On the way to our 40th anniversary, we follow our main purpose by building a creative and diverse global team, by investing in ongoing researches and innovation, by making a social positive impact, by being in people business producing laser technologies through empathy and a made in Italy heritage.

Our values

#QuantaPeople for an empowered and inclusive workplace.

People are the treasure and uniqueness of Quanta System. Talents have high multidisciplinary skills and represent the main competitive advantage of the company: for this reason, Quanta provides an individual training and growth path, so that each member of our company can best express its potential, by enhancing his/her skills also through teamwork.

Doing business responsibly and universally.

Both within the company and in dealing with doctors and patients, Quanta welcomes and respects diversity, whatever it might be, and is against all forms of discrimination. Lasers are universal tools and, as such, have no prejudices, geographical boundaries or cultural barriers.

We dare to design and improve people’s future.

Innovation and continuous technologicalscientific updatings have always been the guiding pillars. Quanta constantly invests in R&D activities, in order to develop in-house, more performing and minimally invasive laser systems, that simplify the therapeutic approach with maximum safety and effectiveness.
The company is also a reference partner of different health facilities, prestigious universities and research centers engaged in national and international scientific projects.

People are our commitment.

Quanta’s social commitment aims at creating shared value, to offer a tangible contribution to the well-being and the mental health of the community, by keeping a balance between the working and personal life.

We don’t wait for solutions, we create them.

Quanta System constantly invests time and resources on ongoing exchanges of ideas with doctors.
This constructive dialogue allows us to fully understand the real clinical needs of the Professionals. In this way we can quickly transform them into new hi-tech solutions that, responding in a timely way to the needs both of doctors and patients, often anticipate new trends.

From human to human.

For an hi-tech company like Quanta System, communication is crucial. In the digital age, we believe that medicine must get closer and closer to people, using easy and familiar languages and tools, to make all kinds of information accessible and understandable.
Quanta has adopted a human centric approach, which sees the person as the absolute protagonist, making him/her aware of his/her choices.


For history, work culture, creativity and production Quanta is deeply Italian.
The entire R&D process takes place within the operating headquarter in Samarate (VA), thanks to its fully integrated work cycle of laboratories, electro-optical labs and an advanced research center.

Here, from the expert hands of our #QuantaPeople, leading edge laser systems are born and then get distributed all over the world.