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Who we are

QUILMED is an Italian company based in ROME.
It has thirty years of experience in the creation of systems dedicated to rehabilitation, sports medicine and aesthetic treatments. QUILMED independently conceives, develops and manufactures its products and maintains control of the entire process, both in the creative and in the production part.
In particular, it incorporates the following roles:
-- Design
-- Manufacturing
-- Marketing
-- Technical assistance
-- Training

Our values

QUILMED manufactures therapeutic tools that employ physical energies and process them into a healing form. In the devices, those characteristics that are preparatory to clinical efficacy and facilitate the professional's work are placed in the foreground.

QUILMED practices direct sales to the user, to minimize the commercial chain and the resulting costs. The organization establishes a privileged relationship with the professional. This favors three distinct sides, promoting their respective advantages:
a) Best selling price
c) Rapidity in technical assistance
b) Competence and responsibility in information