RADWAG Balances & Scales

Who we are

RADWAG is the biggest manufacturer in Poland and one of the biggest manufacturers of weighing equipment in the world. Some facts about RADWAG:

The company

- was founded in 1984;

- employs more than 400 employees;

- comprises 7 foreign sale offices: in USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, Thailand, Malaysia;

- comprises 8 offices in the biggest cities of Poland;

- cooperates with more than 150 distributors over the world;

- produces more than 6000 balances per month;

- has Quality System ISO 9001:2000 and Accredited laboratory with ISO 17025;

- supplies all laboratory balances and industrial scales with EC approval type from NMI;

- provides accuracy of 0,1µg in comparators and microbalances manufactured by RADWAG.

Our products include: Mass Comparators, Microbalances, Analytical balances, Laboratory balances, Moisture analyzers, Industrial scales, Weighing systems, Measuring indicators, Weighing platforms, PC Software.

Our values

Our mission is sales of our technologically advanced ideas.
RADWAG realizes a concept of a company which targets two separate
notions, manufacturing process and sales of its products. Such approach
requires extraordinary organization of production process and proper
management of sales structures. Direct contact with customers results in
quick and professional reaction to market requirements and expectations.
RADWAG intention is to provide customers with complete technical
support they need while exploitation of RADWAG instruments. This is
guaranteed by our technical support department, which aim is to find
solutions to customers inquiries.
RADWAG continuously structures its image as an innovative and reliable
manufacturer of professional and technically advanced products. It is a
member of Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology.
RADWAG allocates a lot of profits from sales into research and
development, and systematically introduces into the market its new ideas
and own technologies.


RADWAG has implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2000
and it is authorized to issue EC declarations of conformity for manufactured
Each production stage is monitored and recorded, and specially designed
computer system supervises each production phase. A single product
obtains a production report which contains all control parameters, and
product individual characteristics. Product data is also saved in the
company internal computer data base for future reference.
RADWAG is in cooperation with multiple European and worldwide Notified
Bodies. The effect is a list of certificates for our balances and scales. The
certificates are confirmation of RADWAG high quality products and their
compatibility with norms and regulations in each of the countries. Until
2010 RADWAG has obtained over 200 certificates issued in Europe, Asia,
North and South America, Africa and Australia.