REMO Electronics

Who we are

We design and produce various types of customer electronics and supply our products around the globe. We have reliable partners in the USA, in Europe and Oceania. We annually visit international technical exhibitions Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ANGA COM, HKTDC, IBC, etc. We applied for international CE Certificate of Conformity and received it. Also REMO Electronics is a member of Inernational Ultraviolet association (IVUA).

Recently we have updated our product range and launched a new line. Our brand new Ultraviolet Air Purifiers “Solar Breeze” are presented to your attention, since the nearest future is widely expected to bring up the need for air purifiers in all public places.

Our mission is to provide people with high-quality and effective means of protection against air-borne diseases. We care about health and safety, and for this reason we are constantly developing new models of ultraviolet devices for air disinfection to keep pace with the latest trends. We believe that our world is inevitably changing, and sooner or later it will be a must to have a UV air purifier in every house. We strive to change people's way of thinking and encourage every family to protect themselves from airborne viruses on a daily basis.

According to laboratory tests, the UV Air purifiers “Solar Breeze” are highly effective in air disinfection and kill up to 99% of all know viruses, bacteria and fungi. What is more, our devices are thoroughly designed to be absolutely safe for humans, animals and houseplants. All UV devices we sell can be used in households, as well as in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and clinics, beautician rooms, hospital wards, offices and restaurants.

To install our devices no professional knowledge is required. Our devices are durable and receive mostly positive feedback. This is a perfect solution to protect your colleagues, family, kids or customers against various harmful germs in the air.

Only being conscious and using means of anti-viral protection, we can handle the problem of air-borne diseases. And “REMO Electronics” is a solution to this problem.

Our values

- Faith in our company

We believe in our company, in its success, in its victory and we are proud of it — it means we know that everyone of us should do all that depends on him. Only then we can proudly say: “REMO – that’s us!”

- Creativity

We are responsible for the business that is able to change the world around them to the best, to make life better, and people happier.

- Striving for development

Being opened to innovations and encouraged by creative initiatives we are ready to move forward. We realize that the complete self-realization of each member of our team will lead us to success.

- Result

We encourage the real achievement, but not illusion of activity or a nice report. We love our work with all our hearts!

- Responsibility

We take responsibility in everything we make and think it shows we’re absolutely sure in the success. We always do what has been promised to the customer, partner, officer, employee or colleague.

- Trust

Trust is the key element for our company. We believe that the atmosphere of mutual trust helps to work with full dedication and improves the business results.

- Focus on victory

We believe that we can be the best, the winners in all we do. We are for fair competition, but the most successful relations are possible between friends and competitors.

Our presence around the world