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Who we are

We started to investigate the possibility to construct a new sort of floating tank with the entrance at the long side of the tank in November 2001, after a TV show here in Sweden from Karlstads University about floating. After a lot of thinking and search for the right components we had a working model that we tested for a few months and in March 2005 was the first sale. Our main goal was to have a floating tank free from the need of service technicians.

We use a good well proved system with standard products and therefore easy to set up and repair far into the future. Preheated air supply into the tank. Electric connections using max 10 Amp /230V. One phase. Set up time 1.5-2 hours. No need for technicians.

Flotation-REST (Floating) is an highly researched technique for relaxation, stress, pain, ADHD and many more areas

Can you imagine how many people can get helped through floating therapy? A very easy and life changing event for someone trying floating for the first time.
Just think if more people knew about floating and had a chance to try it. Inform people what floating is and ask them if they would like to try it.
We are proud to count among our clients several international and local companies. We prize a close contact with our clients and strive to build long-term business relationships. Although we will continue to enrich our portfolio of clients, we will always remain focused on keeping all our clients satisfied.

Research institute. Hospital. Yoga institutes. Tantra institute. Several hotels. Floating centres. Private clients. Massage therapists and many more.

Our values

We have very good contact with all our clients without any exceptions and stand by them with support if they need it. It is rarely anything breaks down but if it is the owner or a local handyman can fix it quite easy. We are a trusted manufacturer with a lot of experience since we have our own float centre at our farm with four floating tanks. We had the pleasure to deliver since 2005 our products to 20 countries around the world.

Our presence around the world