Roadrunnerfoot Engineering

Who we are

Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. is the first Italian company that designs, manufactures, and sells aids for disabled people and components for prostheses.

Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. set in Milan Italy since March 2007, is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative walking and running prosthetic feet. The company includes the engineering office and the manufacturing line, offering support before, during, and after-sale.

Our values

Technology should be accessible to all users.

Roadrunnerfoot defends health’s and sport’s right as human rights of disabled people. As WHO states, every amputee has the right to get high technological aid to be self-sufficient, running a normal healthy life, and playing sport.

Roadrunnerfoot as a company has the aim to offer high technology products to the best ratio quality/price. Our products offer high-quality standards, high performance, innovative materials, controlled during the production process, and certified by Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (the European Union Medical Device Regulation of 2017 ) and ISO 10328.

Our products are MADE in ITALY and Roadrunnerfoot Engineering s.r.l. is the first Italian enterprise to engineer, design, produce and sell devices for disabled people, following the whole production chain from the engineering to the after-sale assistance.

Roadrunnerfoot is a young company but has already begun to work with Institutions, Foundations, Associations, and NGOs, from small projects to greater and greater.