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RTI - Independent X-ray Quality Assurance.

RTI is a world-leading manufacturer of Quality Assurance (QA) solutions. In 1981, RTI invented the first X-ray QA system for diagnostic radiology. Since then, innovation has been at the heart of our corporate philosophy, and we have pioneered many QA procedures. We continue to invest heavily in R&D to push forward the very edge of X-ray QA, across all modalities.

Longer and more active lives, combined with a string of new examination techniques, have made diagnostic radiology the most widely used medical imaging technology. Diagnostic imaging growth can be seen throughout the healthcare sector, including orthopaedic and vascular imaging, plus full body scanning. This will be a continuing trend, thanks to a shift in focus to more advanced healthcare globally.

As X-ray examinations increase, there is a higher risk of patient and staff exposure to levels of X-ray radiation that could result in negative health implications. As a long-standing member of, among others, IEC, AAPM and MITA, RTI participates in work to research, develop and evolve diagnostic radiology standards. A key company-wide goal is also to educate customers and partners, sharing our deep knowledge of X-ray QA best-practice to protect patients and staff in an ever more complex operational environment.

RTI’s QA solutions are used worldwide by hospitals, manufacturers of X-ray equipment, service providers and government authorities, across all different modalities, including R/F, dental, CT, mammography, interventional and surgery (C-arms).

RTI is represented in America (Inc.), Asia (APAC) and Europe (AB.) as well as by up to 100 distributors world wide.

Our values

"Let's work together to ensure X-ray safety and quality".


Patient health and safety is our mission.


To set the standard for Quality Assurance of X-ray imaging.

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- Responsibility

- Teamwork

- Initiative

- Openness

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