Sartorius Group

Who we are

A Trusted Partner for the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Laboratories

Accelerating Medical Discovery

Biopharmaceuticals are produced using living cells in complex and expensive procedures. With our innovative products and services, we enable pharmaceutical researchers and lab personnel to simplify workflows, minimize human errors and speed up their work. We provide solutions that shorten the lengthy and difficult search for active ingredients. For example, new methods for cell analysis help to unlock the great potential of new therapeutic approaches, and software converts data into safe, actionable insights.

Simplifying Drug Production

We provide the essential products, technologies and expertise to produce biopharmaceuticals reliably and efficiently. In fact, Sartorius has been pioneering and setting the standards for single-use products that are currently used throughout all biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. We help our customers to bring medications safely and quickly to the patient.

Our values

Sustainability, Openness, Enjoyment

These company values form the bedrock of Sartorius' innovative and competitive strength. Our values connect us with our customers and business partners just as they do with our investors and society at large – worldwide.


Growing profitably and acting responsibly towards all stakeholders

The sustainable development of our company has been a central goal and principle for us since the foundation of Sartorius in 1870. Customer orientation, excellence, and innovation are the key elements of this. Beyond this important foundation, however, sustainability also means building on responsible, long-term oriented relationships with all stakeholders and for mutual advantage.

To us, trusting and long-term profitable business relations with our customers, partners and suppliers are more important than short-term profits. The same is true for our employees: They value continued professional growth, rather than job hopping. Our investors can expect a corporate policy that focuses on sustainable profitable growth and value enhancement. And as a part of society, we are committed to treating our natural resources responsibly and being a good corporate neighbor at all our sites worldwide.


Driving change and progress internally and externally

We believe that nothing is that good that it can’t be even better. This requires openness, both inside and outside the company. Many of our most innovative and successful products directly result from being open-minded and willing to learn from our customers and technology partners. We believe it will be our openness, combined with our own expertise, that paves the way to innovations that really matter and create customer value. Inside our company as well, openness is the key source of change and progress. It pays to question day-to-day routines, share knowledge and find creative, new approaches.

Our goal is to further develop and foster openness – again, internally and externally – as one of our key assets to leverage our full group-wide potential.


Working in an energetic and rewarding environment

At Sartorius, hard work and fun go together. Our people not only work with their minds, but also put their hearts into their jobs. In return, the companies give their employees considerable freedom, as well as tasks that challenge them and let them realize their personal potential.

Sartorians enjoy working on challenging tasks, they thrive on cooperating in global teams, love to take new opportunities and then to celebrate their successes together. This positive attitude and team spirit is also shared with our customers. We value our inclusive and cheerful corporate culture as a strong source of enduring effort and superior achievement.