SCALEO Medical

Who we are

The increasing demands on quality of care and economic constraints in many countries are forcing health systems to re-think its patient care management in depth.

SCALEO Medical meets this dual challenge by proposing e-therapy solutions to support doctors in the prevention of risks and the treatment of cardio-respiratory pathologies in all medical specialties.

Our company has developed major innovations in several fields and the vision of our activities is global. Our know-how is to design and develop innovative medical devices and unique and customized non-invasive solutions that mitigate heavy and burdensome therapies.

Our goal is to actively participate in the transformation of care by positioning SCALEO Medical as a leader in preventive e-therapies, in the field of cardio-respiratory care, but also in the fields of hygiene and patient transfer. Our company is thus universally recognized as a reference in the hospital world.

Our actions are supported by a Scientific Committee that supports research partnerships with hospitals in many countries. We are establishing ourselves as a priority in the major countries of the world: Europe, China, India, Russia, Japan, United States and Canada, who are the main requesters of tomorrow.

SCALEO Medical offers a wide range of patient lifters, shower trolleys and many accessories to meet every need at home, in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

The quality and safety of our equipment are the first priority of our engineers who develop all our ranges.

Our patient lifters are all made of aluminum. Their excellent maneuverability, their ergonomics and their lightness bring ease and maneuverability to the transfer activities. Thanks to their soft and sober curves, they enhance the hospital environment and promote a climate of comfort.

Our range of shower trolleys offers more than 50 models that meet all the requirements and hygiene needs of healthcare and residence establishments. Their simplicity of use, ergonomics and design makes them essential qualitative tools, bringing comfort and dignity to patients.

The regular controls we implement guarantee the respect of the regulations and the good functionalities of all our products.

Our hygiene and transfer equipments are used all over the world. They are engaged in providing concrete solutions to the demands of effectiveness of care, as well as of the quality of life of patients.

Our values