SCALEO Medical

Who we are

SCALEO Medical develops medical devices for hygiene, weighing and patient transfer, as well as for cardio-respiratory diseases. Created in 1996 under the name PRAXIS Medical and ISO 13485 certified, its products are now present in 65 countries.

The word from the President: Michel Malgouyres

The increasing demand for quality in healthcare treatment and economic constraints in many countries are forcing health systems to re-think its patient care management in depth.

SCALEO Medical meets this dual challenge by proposing e-therapy solutions to support doctors in the prevention of risks and the treatment of cardio-respiratory pathologies in all medical specialties.

Our company has developed major innovations in several fields with a global vision. Our know-how is to design and develop innovativemedical devices as well as unique and customized non-invasive solutions, that mitigate heavy and tiresome therapies.

Our goal is to actively participate in the transformation in the healthcare transformation by positioning SCALEO Medical as a leader in preventive e-therapies, in the fields of cardio-respiratory care, hygiene and patient transfer. Our company is thus universally recognized as a reference in the hospital world.

Our actions are supported by a Scientific Committee that supports research partnerships with hospitals in many countries. This Committee contributes to the development of clinical study protocols and serves as a moderator of our scientific and medical activities.

Our values


Support healthcare providers throughout the care pathway by proposing high quality Medical Devices that boost their performance, while helping patients increase their independence and quality of life.


To become one of the worldwide leaders in the cardio-respiratory field and the reference within the hospital environment. To achieve such objectives, SCALEO Medical deploy a development strategy focused on two axes: developing new products and developing their international business.

Thanks to its engineers, technicians and technological partners, SCALEO Medical continues to develop products. Starting 2023, innovative made in France devices in the cardiorespiratory care field will be launched.