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Who we are

Schiner 3D Repro GmbH is a specialist in 3dimensional reproductions and 3D-printing. We are a European and global competence brand for the development and manufacture of 3D-printed medical multimaterial models, based on original CT and MRT patient data. This kind of model development is modern symbiosis of newest 3D printing technology, digital anatomic materials, anatomical and medical knowledge and competent customers from whom we learn. The realistic model is prepared from CT and / or MRT patient data, digitally modeled and produced using multimaterial 3D printing. This is the only way to ensure a realistic look and feel as well as the procedure with the usual surgical instruments. These models allow the medical technology industry to offer suitable demonstration and training models for their instruments. For training of intravascular interventions or diagnostic applications we are specialized in producing of vascular models. They can be modeled with customized pathological peculiarities or can be filled with fluids to simulate blood flow or for diagnostic methods using contrast media

Our values