SEERS Medical

Who we are

SEERS MEDICAL are the leading UK Manufacturer of Treatment Couches, Patient Examination Couches, Patient Trolleys, Care Beds & Medical Seating.

Since SEERS Medical was founded in 2008, the company has always offered some basic chairs and stools to complement its range of medical furniture. Due to the increasing demand from customers to provide a complete range of clinical and patient seating, SEERS has developed a dedicated medical seating range to meet these growing requirements. In this brochure SEERS presents many new designs as well as a number of other complementary medical seating products that we distribute, providing a varied choice of models and options for various medical procedures and examinations. Our many years of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing of upholstered products ensures that we continuously produce the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for all models together with an excellent customer support and prompt service. All vinyl covered products feature waterproof, anti-bacterial upholstery as standard. The foot height control option is available on many of our chairs and stools, providing hands free operation and therefore minimising infection control issues.
SEERS Medical currently distributes it's products to 83 countries.

We provide a wide choice of medical couches and accessories to cater for various examination procedures as well as different manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. We trust you will experience this for yourself when you purchase your SEERS Medical product.

For further information on our range of couches and accessories please call 01728 861 590 or email for enquiries.

SEERS Medical products are also available through the NHS Supply Chain National Framework for Medical Furniture and Equipment Contract.

Our values

In raising the industry standards we have already established SEERS Medical Limited as an recognised manufacturer and international distributor of “market leading” medical products designed for quality, reliability and affordability. We believe that with our vast experience over the years in this industry, as well as the many contacts in supply chain and sales, all can be key factors in the growth and development of SEERS Medical worldwide. We currently export to over 20 countries, but are always interested to increase our sales in new countries. If you would like to represent SEERS Medical in YOUR country, please contact us. Our mission statement to our customers includes... that we shall meet all expectations of the customer in every aspect, such as design, build quality, technical support, product knowledge and know how, as well as competitive pricing, reliability and delivery. We are fully committed to SEERS Medical and determined to satisfy our customers.