Seiler Precision Microscopes

Who we are

Optical instruments have been a Seiler family tradition since 1913 when company founder Eric H. Seiler entered the ZEISS School of Fine Optics in Jena, Germany. After earning a Master’s degree in Fine Optics, Eric H. Seiler brought his craft to the United States where he and his wife, Dora L. Seiler, started Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Company in 1945.

Seiler stays current with new technologies by adding sophisticated tools and machines every year. Although computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines have replaced manually operated machines, there is still no replacement for old-world craftsmanship, a necessary attribute of every instrument manufactured or sold by Seiler Instrument. Technology may change, but one thing continues to endure—Seiler’s dedication to excellence and customer service, a philosophy that breeds customer satisfaction.

Seiler’s Medical Division offers an array of products geared to meet the technological demands of the dental, surgical and medical markets. As a worldwide leader in the field of Microscopy, Seiler prides itself on the use of high quality optics and precision machining to provide the market with the latest in magnification for a varied range of applications.

The Seiler Medical Division offers a wide variety of microscope products for both the Medical and Dental Markets. Colposcopes are available with a variety of options and attachments to suit any office, clinic or hospital; ENT scopes for Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors and Surgeons; Compound scopes for research, laboratory, and educational applications; Dental scopes for Enhanced General Dentistry and Endodontics; and LED Surgical Loupes for any applications needing low power magnification.

All Seiler Microscopes come equipped with: Apochromatic Lenses for superior clarity, the brightest light sources on the market and a smooth, fluid movement for the ultimate in mobility. Seiler continues to stay at the forefront of fine optics and stands behind our products with a lifetime warranty on the optics and mechanics.

Our values

All Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing team professionals are committed to providing the highest quality products and services which exceed our customers' expectations through continuous improvement of our processes.