Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.

Who we are

We are India’s fastest growing In-vitro Diagnostic company manufacturing and delivering a wide range of analytical and diagnostic analyzers, Point of Care Devices, Reagents & Consumables that are at par with global standards. We manufacture products with state of the art technology which is supplied to a large number of hospitals, pathological labs and patients ensuring the highest quality and reliability. On the other hand, we have a strong research and development team with the vision of delivering the best of the best. Furthermore, we are equipped with a highly experienced contract manufacturing division that designs, develops and manufactures customized products with highly advanced technology for many leading health care & diagnostic brands.

Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation intends to become an Innovative World Class Medical Diagnostics Instrument Manufacturer. Sensa Core’s mission is to provide Hospitals, Pathological Laboratories and OEM clients and Patients with Advanced Analytical and Diagnostics Analyzers and Hand-Held Devices, which would improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce the Cost of Medical and Health care Services.

At Sensa Core we will ensure that we deliver products and services of the Highest Quality and ensure our Products are User-Friendly, Low Maintenance, Easy to Operate and Easy to Afford.

Our values

Sensa Core believes in the product, quality, and reliability for the benefit of human life. We develop the products in the most innovative way to assist the clinicians, doctors & laboratories to improve the product’s usability and reliability. We design & develop innovative medical devices that possess the ultra-modern technology that enables an individual to maintain pace with the advanced methodologies & technologies. Our research team is comprised of personnel that is certified with many years of experience in all phases and processes for conducting clinical research.

We are committed to develop and manufacture products that meet the global standards of statutory and regulatory requirements. In the healthcare industry, we aspire to meet stringent standards and intend to improve customer satisfaction by manufacturing enhanced quality products. We have a team of experts who work on the continual improvement of QMS, enhancing manufacturing processes by imparting periodical training to employees to meet all possible international standards in manufacturing facilities.

Sensa Core is concerned with Operations and manufacturing to a broader aspect. We manufacture, assemble, and test a wide range of products in our facilities in India. These manufacturing facilities are managed by our highly sophisticated manufacturing staff with the state of the art technology and ultra-modern plant that designed to meet all the standards of the international medical device to become globally competitive across the recognized dimensions of quality, cost, delivery, flexibility, product innovation, and customer experience.

Keep It Simple - Simplicity will be the ultimate Speciality.

Quality Service - Integrity, Ethics and Empathy driven Technical Support.

Sell What You Make - Believe in your ability to Create.

Discuss, Decide & Deliver - Don’t wait for it to Happen, Make it Happen.

Lead from the Head and the Heart - Enjoy what you do.

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