Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd.

Who we are

Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation intends to become an Innovative World Class Medical Diagnostics Instrument Manufacturer. Sensa Core’s mission is to provide Hospitals, Pathological Laboratories and OEM clients and Patients with Advanced Analytical and Diagnostics Analyzers and Hand-Held Devices, which would improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce the Cost of Medical and Healthcare Services. We will ensure that we deliver products and services of the Highest Quality and ensure our Products are User-Friendly, Low Maintenance, Easy to Operate and Easy to Afford.

Sensa Core designs, develops, Manufactures and sells analyzers based on advanced technologies (Ion-Selective Electrodes, Amperometric Biosensors and Spectrophotometry). Sensa Core employ over 120 people, and has more than 50 Distributors network spread over 30 countries around the world.

In addition to that Sensa Core’s flagship Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) technology powers at least 20 different branded electrolyte analyzers. Sensa Core’s OEM Contract Division develops and manufactures Customized Analyzers for many of the world’s leading healthcare corporations on their brand name. Sensa Core designs analyzers with state of the art features (touch screen, barcode reader, LIS integration, Multiple languages, multiple parameter selection) without compromising on quality and reliability.

Our values

Keep It Simple - Simplicity will be the ultimate Speciality.

Quality Service - Integrity, Ethics and Empathy driven Technical Support.

Sell What You Make - Believe in your ability to Create.

Discuss, Decide & Deliver - Don’t wait for it to Happen, Make it Happen.

Lead from the Head and the Heart - Enjoy what you do.

Our presence around the world