ShanDong EXFU Lasers Technology

Who we are

The founder William is a senior engineer who has been engaged in the research of beauty equipment as early as 2003.

Established the factory in 2008, William has been continuously improving products and services, because real craftsmen will never stop pursuing progress in the professional field. Whether it is the materials used, the design or the production process, we are constantly improving and striving for perfection. Pay attention to details, pursue perfection, spend time and energy to improve products, and the quality pass rate has increased to 100%. Rigorous and meticulous. The quality of each component must be ensured, so rigorous that each screw is carefully selected. And strict testing standards are adopted for the product, products will not be shipped out if it does not meet the requirements. Each machine research and development has 10,000 clinical tests. This is EXFU, safe and efficient.

EXFU has successfully created solutions for previously untreatable diseases and engineered advanced technologies that have revolutionized existing treatments. Our innovative products are used by practitioners, physicians and aesthetic business owners around the world to bring better technology and the latest treatments to patient care through innovative solutions. Improved quality of life for many patients around the world. This is the original intention that William has always adhered to.

Until now, EXFU has been exported to more than 100 countries and has thousands of customers in beauty salons, becoming a real leader in the beauty equipment industry. EXFU comes from William's motto, Make Beauty Easier.

Our values

Hi, We are EXFU

At EXFU, we believe in power of beauty technology could provide smooth skin to people who in troubled by hairy.

Our manufacturing facilities comply with the highest international quality control standardsfor healthcare. Our ISO and CE certifications stand proof. EXFU is to deliver quality laser hair removal devices and Peripherals in full conformity with client requirements, complete service, and at the most competitive prices.