Shenyang RMS

Who we are

RMS MEDICAL TECH CO.,LTD  Incorporated in 2010, we have become a leading company in the Research and Development of products for noninvasive ventilator and high flow respiratory heated humidifier . The existing full-time staff of 95 persons, research and development team ,20 persons by experienced electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, test engineers, product clinical research based on the Beijing medical university first affiliated hospital of respiratory medicine. 

Workshop & office : At present, it has 2400 ㎡ production workshop and 1200 ㎡  office space.

We are CE and EN ISO 13485-2012 approved by TUV company and use only the best processes and practices in the manufacturing . What is more , our FDA certificatin for NIV is available now .

All RMS manufactured products are made in China and are well recognized by many global prestigious organizations .Our BPAP has been approved by the test in Air Liquid Lab and gained good reputation . 

HFNC : High Flow Respiratory Heated Humidifier

The company established in 2015 to 2016 a new respiratory treatment device with high flow respiration :high flow respiratory heated humidifier. Began in February 2017 in China, now has a good application in Beijing famous hospital, products are exported to India, the Philippines, Turkey, Korea, Germany, Italy and so on more than 10 countries. In 2017, 1,500 devices of high flow respiratory heated humidifiers are expected to be sold in China and overseas area ,10,000 pieces of breathing kits and nasal cannulas . And it will grow rapidly over the next three years. 

Our values

People-oriented, respect for individuality, collective struggle, as the greatest wealth of the company, not to accommodate talents;
Open cooperation and creative development of the world's leading core technology system on an independent basis, advocating innovative spirit and professionalism;
Love the motherland, love the people, love the cause and love life;A community of interests between customers, employees and collaborators.

Our presence around the world