Shenzhen Nucleus Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

Who we are

Shenzhen Nucleus Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is a leading enterprise for research, development, production, sales of IVD reagents, instruments and solutions based on molecular diagnostic technologies. It has been engaged in integrating biotechnology research and market application, insisting on taking customer experience as the starting point and market demand as the research orientation, to serve as many as families and the public since 2015. Now it has serial products complying with international standards and provides professional services for major domestic hospitals and medical facilities.

Our values

Based on the research and application of biological techniques, Nucleus Biotechnology developed serial products for in vitro diagnosis, including not only testing reagents but also automated instruments. Our products are mainly used for rapid and accurate detection of pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 or Mpox virus.

We hope that the timely use of these products can play an active role in the fight against the infectious diseases.