Shenzhen Seacrown Electromechanical

Who we are

Founded in 2002, Seacrown is committed and dedicated to innovation in the fields of Contrast Medium Injection Systems. We are the manufacture developed and produced the first dual CT injector and MRI injector in China. We proudly announced that Seacrown obtained over 30 patents, software copyrights, and core confidential technologies of injection system.

With more than 2,000 devices installed worldwide, Seacrown is becoming one of the leading global providers of contrast medium injection system Inspired by the needs of our customers, we adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach. Quality is built into every aspect of Seacrown's solutions and pervades everything the company does. In 2007, we acquired CE Mark for the injection systems. While improving the quality of care, we help reducing its cost, making it more accessible to a larger part humanity.

Seacrown products combine high technologies, high qualities, friendly user interfaces, and reasonable prices meeting most challenging requirements of modern diagnostic imaging systems, such as CT, MRI and DSA.

Our values

Always serving the public is the management orientation and the behavior guideline of Seascrown. Every employee contributes his wisdom and labor in order to produce high-quality products efficiently.

Our faith: Drip by drip the oceans are filled, stone by stone the walls are built.

We advocate a principal: Talents are the Base of Enterprise. We hope each customer may approve of our products and services, and we expect to cultivate top talent creative, never waste any potential talent, eager for quick success and instant benefit as well. Seacrown constantly encourage the staff to have dreams, and finally combine them with the company’s future in the end.

We pay more attention to bringing up their spirit of struggle and exertion of professional potential. As a result, the employee and the enterprise have made a great progress simultaneously beyond the expectation.