Shenzhen Witleaf Medical Electronics CO ., Ltd

Who we are

Shenzhen WITLEAF Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a high-tech company with the core technology for vital signs measurement. With the chief scientist professor Ye Jilun Witleaf has a powerful R&D and clinical team that focuses on vital signs measurement related to key technology. Until now Witleaf has released the key technology of ECG, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, IBP, EEG, CO, and Gas analysis technology for various applications. Related to the gas analysis Witleaf developed the whole solution for gas analysis including Capnograph, Oxygen, and anes-thesia gases.

To achieve the WIN-WIN goal with partners Witleaf focuses on technology innovation. Under the 100% satisfied for service to arrive our vision Build Health Scale, Measure Life Quality.

WITLEAF has built three product Lines: Core technology service (OEM), Clinical Products, Home-care Products, and the related sales department to give our customers the best service.

At Witleaf, we specialize in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge healthcare technology, including ECG, SPO2, EtCO2, NIBP, RESP, IBP, EEG, CO, and advanced gas analysis systems. We offer comprehensive gas analysis solutions featuring capnography, oxygen, and anesthesia monitoring, as well as patient monitors, vital signs devices, OEM modules, and vet-specific equipment.

Given our aligned interests, we see promising collaboration opportunities. Witleaf excels in creating custom solutions, from concept to completion. We can develop localized monitor lines, design bespoke patient monitoring systems, or tailor-make OEM modules according to your unique requirements, be it multi-parameter or individual functions.

We invite you to engage with us should you find our products compelling and wish to explore further. We're eager to provide tailored, competitive solutions to meet your needs and anticipate a potential partnership.

Our values

Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision

Build Health Scale, Measure Life Quality

Our Mission

Supported by technological innovation,and guided by clinical application, We willl develop life and health technologies and applications,strive to develop cost-effective medical instruments for monitoring, diagnosis, support and treatment of life information,promote human health, social development and harmony, product technology and talent accumulation, and create common value for the society, customers and enployees.

Our Values

Independent innovation, Honest in Career, Customer Orientation, Quality First

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