Silbermann Technologies

Who we are

When dealing with life support equipment, having a partner you can rely on, who stands at the forefront of medical technology and design, makes all the difference. At Silbermann, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing medical gas systems for three generations.

Decades of experience and a global footprint make us the perfect partner for providing a complete and holistic turnkey solution for medical gas pipeline systems for any application; beginning with design, through to engineering, installation and integration.

Life is precious! And that is exactly why we concentrate all our knowledge and energy in this one field. This has resulted in Silbermann becoming the preeminent expert in life support medical gas systems.

Our values


Recognizing our products are used as life support equipment impacts our entire chain of production from design through manufacturing and up to installation.

We take seriously every aspect in each of the production stages with an uncompromising approach to design and product quality.


Our customers and partners put their faith in our hands to provide them with the best and ideal solution. We believe strong moral and ethical principles are the true building blocks for any solid relationship. This is especially true when it comes to providing life support equipment.


We feel that business means people dealing with people. We pride ourselves on our reputation for having long lasting relationships with our customers, spanning over decades and distances and for building solid