Who we are

Sinmed Sp. z o.o. was established in 2016 as a company with the goal to improve the comfort of people’s lives in the area of health care and to facilitate the work of medical personnel.

From the beginning we have consistently implemented our belifes by offering the highest quality equipment for all medical specialties.

Awareness of the need to improve the comfort of patient’s lives and involvement in the issues of improving the quality of work by medical staff gave us the inspiration and strength to develop the company towards the production of innovative single-use medical devices.

Our values

Our mission is to serve clients all over the world a the most trusted partner – as a team working with passion, based on shared values.

The basis of our everyday activities is the constant commitment to the quality of the solutions and professionalism in their implementation.

The products we offer meet all the requirements of the standards and quality.

Our presence around the world